Contech, Inc. performs professional construction services on residential and commercial projects throughout Maryland and the surrounding area. See photos below for a better look at our outstanding work and reach out if you need assitance on your next job.



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Residential Work

Contech, Inc. does a variety of residential work and can help you with your next project. Whether you need a block foundation for your new addition or a concrete pad for a new garage, Contech, Inc. has the tools and experience to get the job done. Search through our photo portfolio to see a glimpse of the work we can do for you.


Soil needed to be compacted and flattened for a residential equestrian riding ring. Here one of our crew members used a Bobcat skid steer loader to get the job done.

Removing and Replacing Concrete

Here our crew removed some cracked asphalt in front of a garage that a resident wanted to replace with concrete. Using an excavator, the asphalt was removed and the area is being prepped for a new concrete apron to be poured.

Removal of Existing Concrete Slab and Prep for an Addition

Waterproofing Correction

Have problems with water entering your basement? It could be issues with the soil grade or waterproofing. Here our crew excavated a foundation for a waterproofing correction.

Commercial Work

Contech, Inc. is dedicated to provising top quality services to our commercial partners. All of the services we provide for our residential sector, we also provide to our commericial sector. Please contact us if you would like to go over a specific job and see what we can do for you. 

ADA Ramp Construction

Our crew provides many services to our commercial partners. Here an access area needed to be installed that aligned with ADA standards. Our crew excavated an area to install a new ADA ramp, here is the block foundation of that project. 

Grading for Concrete Slab

A new batting cage was being installed and our crew removed a bit of existing asphalt, graded the area, set the batting cage poles in concrete footers, and poured a concrete slab for the astroturf to sit on.

Concrete Storage Facility Floor Pouring

Here a facility needed a large garage installed to store vehicles and equipment. They contacted us to get the job done. This was also 

Excavation and Prep for Footers

A pole barn was being converted to a more permanent structure and needed footers. Here the crew excavated and installed rebar to strengthen soon-to-be-poured concrete.

Concrete Removal

Our crew broke up this concrete slab and hauled it away to a concrete recycling center. We have the tools to get your job done. 

Machine Work

Contech, Inc. has multiple machines to get your job done properly. Our crew has years of experience operating them. We use our machines to dig, fill, remove, and much more. If we don’t have the machine for the job, we can rent the necessary equipment to ensure success. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your next project and we will work to solve them.

Bobcat Excavator

Here our crew used an excavator to remove an existing concrete apron that the client wanted to be widened. The excavator is good for digging footers and removing rubble.

Bobcat Track Loader

We have multiple track loaders of different sizes to accomplish jobs of varying sizes. The track loaders are great for spreading and compacting dirt. We have different attachments that allow them to be changed to forklifts, augers, or even concrete shutes. 

Trucks and Trailers

This is an image of our largest dump truck which is helpful in hauling away debris and rubble from your job site. Our trucks don’t just help our crew get to the job sites, they are also used to haul equipment like mixers, machines, and tools. 

General Contracting

We currently work with a few Maryland county municipalities helping them get their jobs done. We have completed large-scale and small-scale jobs. We have many reliable subcontractors that get our jobs done from painting to skate-ramp installations. Whatever your job may be please keep us in mind for a successful completion. 

Drain Repair

Here our crew is spreading grass seed and straw for the disturbed area around drainage that our subcontractor rebuilt. 

Stadium Retaining Wall Repair

This wall had seen much weather over the years and had begun to disintegrate. We were hired to have the wall removed and replaced to match the rest of the stadium.

ADA Reception Desk

Here our subcontractor designed and installed a new ADA compliant reception desk at a community center. We are happy to work with you and get the design the exact way you want it.

Doorway Installation

At the same community center as the previous picture, a doorway needed to be installed for the reception desk area. We knew just the subcontractor to open up the block wall and secure the header with the appropriate lintel so that staff could safely enter the area. 

Batting Cage Installation

This park wanted to install a batting cage next to their baseball field. They contracted us to get the job done. We had a subcontractor grade the area and pour the concrete and another set the poles, net, and turf. 

Historic Barn Restoration

This historic tobacco barn had just about fallen down when Contech, Inc. was asked to have it restored to its original luster. We had a crew come in to stabilize the foundation by installing footers and then on top setting granite to match period styles. Then another crew came out to rebuild and reroof the barn. This was all done with historic criteria in mind. 

Pole Barn Installation

A maintenance facility needed more storage for their equipment. We were hired to install a pole barn but first, asphalt had to be removed and footers had to be poured to ensure stability in the structure. 

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